Free instructions for performing Visual Telepathy in just minutes are at the bottom of this page.

Instead of nothing existing at all, we experience a reality all around us. Why? How does it happen? Do my thoughts and beliefs have any direct effect on the world around me?

This book represents my lifetime of effort to answer those questions and many more. While religions claim to have the answers, they have different answers, which makes it obvious that the truth can not be discovered using faith alone. My investigations were based upon this premise: "There is a rational explanation for everything, even if that explanation is not yet known." Using that approach I discovered some revealing facts.

For example, psychic phenomena is a reality. I personally discovered the phenomenon of Visual Telepathy when I was 17-years-old and developed a simple exercise which enables any two people to experience it in just minutes. (Brief instructions are provided below.) Most people are also able to spin a paper wheel without touching it (telekinesis) just as quickly and easily.

Quantum mechanics, the mathematical nature of physical processes, and observations regarding the boundaries of the physical universe (the places where our ability to perceive ends) all provide clear evidence that at the most fundamental levels our physical universe is an illusion. (I am often complemented on how I describe such intellectually challenging subjects in an easy to understand way, so I hope you won't feel intimidated by such ideas.) If the universe is an illusion, then literally anything is possible.

You can learn more about the book by reviewing the table of contents and sample chapters below.

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Table of Contents

[5] Introduction and Acknowledgements

[9] Closing Psychic Doors

[10] Visual Telepathy in Just Minutes (brief instructions)

Part One:
Investigating the Nature of the Universe and Your Relationship To It

[13] Chapter One: My Personal Metaphysical Experiences
Telepathy becomes a reality; does God exist?; going out of body; telepathic staring contests; reading minds; Jesus (or a good rock) saves; divine intervention; the "telepathy exercise" becomes the psychic window technique (two people transporting awareness to another time and place); ouija boards; multiple, simultaneous dreams; learning telekinesis (mind moving matter); lucid dreaming; another OBE; deja vu; waking visions; reincarnation and "energy bolts."

[47] Chapter Two: Analyzing Reality
The theory of no physical physical universe; quantum mechanics and string theory; multiple dimensions; fourth dimensional perception.

[65] Chapter Three: Reason, Religion and Beliefs
Detriments of faith based belief systems; "The Loneliness of God" (a poem); enlightenment; All That Is.

[74] Chapter Four: "Creating Reality" and the Law of Attraction
Causing "coincidences" using the law of attraction; evidence for and against; creative visualization; creating parking spaces; achieving the seemingly impossible; overcoming resistance from conflicting beliefs; dealing with failure, telepathy affecting "coincidences".

[96] Chapter Five: Predestination and Free Will
Free will in relation to fate, destiny, karma, astrology and precognitive psychic predictions.

[101] Chapter Six: Psychological Wisdom
Value fulfillment; values and beliefs; self and self esteem; Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP); justifying one's existence; acknowledge and release; fix it or forget it; right and wrong vs. "good and bad"; responsibility implies control; all unhappiness requires self pity; no one does anything they truly know to be wrong: all needs are based upon wants; the grand cosmic joke; the nature of true confidence; the importance of honesty; being willing to admit being wrong; every extreme implies the opposite; nothing about you needs defending; about unconditional love; there is no force of evil; we are all self-centered and always will be; feelings follow thought; celebrate your issues; success is loving life.

Part Two:
Brain Training

[132] Chapter Seven: Manipulating Awareness
Levels of consciousness; meditation; self hypnosis; concentration and intent; not thinking; mindfulness; candle meditation; mantras and mandalas; counting backwards; memory recall; single mindedness; the pebble toss; relaxation exercise; guided imagery;

[148] Chapter Eight: Adventures in Dreamland
Dream phenomena; improving dream recall; 30 days to lucid dreaming; shared dreams.

[156] Chapter Nine: Drug Use and Metaphysical Development

[170] Chapter Ten: Psychic Sex and 20-Minute-Plus Female Orgasms

[177] Chapter Eleven: Koda's Psychic Window Technique
Detailed instructions for performing visual telepathy, communicating specific information, and visually perceiving incarnations of other people.

[192] Chapter Twelve: Psychic Party Games (This chapter is available as a separate book)
Visual telepathy; using telekinesis to spin a paper wheel; psychic touch dancing; light as a feather (the lifting game); directional attention; psychometry; manipulating the pendulum; perceiving auras; using ouija boards; instructions for holding a seance.

[223] Conclusion

[227] Frozen Fog (a poem)

Part Three:

[230] Overview of Metaphysical, Occult and Paranormal Phenomena and Practices
A mini-encyclopedia of more than 120 listings describing the most significant types of spiritual/psychic phenomena reported throughout history.

Acupuncture and Acupressure; Akashic Records; Alchemy; Apports; ASCID; Astral Body, Astral World and Astral Projection; Astrology; Auras; Automatic Writing; Biofeedback; Biorhythms; Channeling; Chi; Clairvoyance and Clairaudience; Crystals, Crystal Gazing and Crystal Healing; Debunking the Debunkers; Deja vu; Direct Voice; Divination; Dream Phenomena; Drug Use; Electronic Voice Phenomena; Ectoplasm; Energy Wheels; ESP; Ether; Eyeless Sight; Fairies; Fire Walking; Geller, Uri; Gnosticism; Healing, Psychic; Houdini, Harry; Hundredth Monkey Effect; Hypnotism; I Ching; Kabala; Karma; Kirlian Photography; Kundalini; Levitation; Lucid Dreaming; Magic; Mantra; Materialization; Matter Moving Through Matter; Meditation; Medium; Mesmerism; Mysticism; Necromancy; Newspaper and Book Tests; Numerology; Occult; Ouija Board; Out of Body Experience (OBE or OOBE); Palmistry; Parapsychology; Pendulums; Perfumes; "Philip"; Plant Consciousness; "Plastics"; Poltergeist; Power Spots; Prayer; Predestination; Pre-Existence; Premonition, Prediction and Prophecy; Psi; Psychic Force; Psychokinesis; Psychometry; Pyramid Energy; Radiesthesia; Ramtha; Raps; Reiki; REM (Rapid Eye Movement); Remote Viewing; Reincarnation; Rhine, Joseph Banks; Runes; S´┐Żance; Sensitive; Sensory Depravation; Seth; Sex Magic; Shaman; Slate Writing; Somnambulism; Speaking in Tongues: Spells; Spirit Photography; Spiritualism and Spiritism; Stigmata; Surgery, Psychic; Synchronicity; Table Turning; Talisman; Tantric Yoga; Taoism; Tarot; Telekinesis; Telepathy; Teleportation; Theosophy; Third Eye; Thought-forms; Touches, Psychic; Trance; Transcendental Meditation (TM); Transfiguration; UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects); Visions; Voices, Paranormal; Witchcraft; Xenoglossy; Yin and Yang; Yoga; Zen

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Here is a "music video" I did that talks about infinity forming the boundaries of the physical universe.

More music by Psychic Trance Fur can be found here.

Visual Telepathy in Just Minutes

(far more detailed information on this is presented in the book)

You and a friend sit a comfortable distance apart (2 or 3 feet) and look into each other's eye. You look at the other's right eye while they look at your left eye (or vice versa). With your thoughts quieted, both of you attempt to expand the area of clear perception to include all of the other person's face. Blink your eyes whenever they need wetting, but not to regain a clear focus. Remain relaxed, pay attention to what you see and feel, and explain those perceptions to the other person.

That's all you need to do to perform this exercise. Within a minute or two you will begin to notice "changes" in your visual perception. The other person's face may become blurry, darker or lighter, or otherwise begin to look different. After a moment the changes become more dramatic, perhaps hallucinatory. (You can stop any unpleasant visual effects by blinking or looking away for a moment.) You are very likely to find yourself looking at the image of an entirely different person, perhaps several persons, one after the other. (These may be images of that person in other incarnations.) You will also notice that any strong emotion you feel while doing this exercise is simultaneously experienced by your partner. Essentially anyone can get these results with minimal effort.

These visual and emotional effects happen to both people at the same time and occur with the same level of constantly fluctuating intensity. Let me repeat that. The effects happen to both people at the same time and with the same level of intensity. The two experiences are connected. They do not happen independently of each other. "Something" is linking both experiences on a psychic level. This is proof of psychic phenomenon (telepathy on a visual level) and essentially anyone can experience it personally. The experience is often shockingly dramatic. You will definitely know something "supernatural" is happening.

It is possible to communicate specific information such as colors or numbers using this technique (see the Psychic Window chapter) but simply following the instructions above will produce visual effects that will blow your mind. Once you have performed this exercise there will be no doubt that psychic phenomena is a reality and that you are personally capable of such experience.

The physical universe is obviously structured in some way that makes this and other forms of psychic phenomena possible. The Rational Spirituality book takes a deep look at the nature of reality in an attempt to understand how the universe actually works.

In an effort to get you to smile I am going to turn you on to a little secret. If you find a face in the background image on this page, then turn your device up-side-down (if that is practical to do) you will recognize a completely different image in the same space where you saw the first face. I created the "Infinite Images" art piece while writing the book and realized that by using it as part of the book cover it would provide an example of how multiple dimensions of reality can exist in the same space. Which reality is perceived depends on the point of view of the observer. Quantum mechanics works in a similar way.