Rational Spirituality

A guide to understanding spiritual phenomena
through rational explanations and personal psychic experience

Visual Telepathy in Just Minutes

(more detailed information on this is presented later)
You and a friend sit a comfortable distance apart (2 or 3 feet) and look into each other's eye. You look at the other's right eye while they look at your left eye (or vice versa). With your thoughts quieted, both of you attempt to expand the area of clear perception to include all of the other person's face. Blink your eyes whenever they need wetting, but not to regain a clear focus. Remain relaxed, pay attention to what you see and feel, and explain those perceptions to the other person.

That's all you need to do to perform this exercise. Within a minute or two you will begin to notice "changes" in your visual perception. The other person's face may become blurry, darker or lighter, or otherwise begin to look different. After a moment the changes become more dramatic, perhaps hallucinatory. (You can stop any unpleasant visual effects by blinking or looking away for a moment.) You are very likely to find yourself looking at the image of an entirely different person, perhaps several persons, one after the other. (These may be images of that person in other incarnations.) You will also notice that any strong emotion you feel while doing this exercise is simultaneously experienced by your partner. Essentially anyone can get these results with minimal effort.

These visual and emotional effects happen to both people at the same time and occur with the same level of constantly fluctuating intensity. Let me repeat that. The effects happen to both people at the same time and with the same level of intensity. The two experiences are connected. They do not happen independently of each other. "Something" is linking both experiences on a psychic level. This is proof of psychic phenomenon (telepathy on a visual level) and essentially anyone can experience it personally. The experience is often shockingly dramatic. You will definitely know something "supernatural" is happening.

It is possible to communicate specific information such as colors or numbers using this technique (see the Psychic Window chapter) but simply following the instructions above will produce visual effects that will blow your mind. Once you have performed this exercise there will be no doubt that psychic phenomena is a reality and that you are personally capable of such experience.

The next chapter describes how I discovered this technique and many other aspects of this magical universe we live in. Other quick and easy exercises are also provided in the Psychic Party Games chapter.

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