Just click the little play button between the arrows above and you'll instantly understand why so many people simply have to have this ringtone on their iPhone. Play this for your friends and watch the women blush and the men nod in approval while smiles appear everywhere.

Here's how to buy this ringtone using your iPhone.

          Tap the iTunes icon on the home screen

          Tap Ringtones at the bottom of the screen
          (or look for Ringtones in More if you do not see it in your menu bar)

          After tapping Ringtones tap Search at the bottom of the screen.

          Type in "Lusty Babe" and tap Search

          Tap the ringtone title when it appears to preview the ringtone

          Tap the price, then tap Buy Now

          Sign in to your account when prompted, then tap OK

MP3 Versions and More Ringtones by Koda.