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Hi, I’m Koda. I jokingly refer to myself as a crazy genuis because I am sometimes brilliant (ie, Audio Animation, Visual Telepathy and some very good music) but I am also rather weird (I spend countless hours working on "impossible" stuff like tring to invent a form of "anti-gravity" and attempting to shape shift) -- but I am neither crazy or a genius. I am simply very focused on unlimited creative expression and striving to understand the nature of reality (ie, my book, Rational Spirituality). This site contains much of the creative work I have done since about 1975, which you can find using the main menu above. I will describe some of the main highlights here.

Audio Animation is a theoretical invention which uses computer processed sound to generate animated, 3-dimensional pictures or “sound shapes” you see with your ears. These images occur in the space surrounding a listener wearing headphones in every direction at once. If you close your eyes and repeatedly snap your fingers while moving your arm in a big circle, you will HEAR A CIRCLE: an image created with sound.

I discovered the phenomenon of Visual Telepathy when I was 17-years-old, and later developed a simple exercise any two people can use to experience it in just minutes.


The books listed here have their own webpage with descriptions and samples of their content. All the finished books can be found in stores and online retailers like Amazon.com, and are also available as ebooks.


The Early Years

The Early Years is a collection of my acoustic guitar ballads and instrumental demos written between 1975-1998. Almost ...
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Psychic Trance Fur

The Head CD by Psychic Trance Fur is spacey, psychedelic synth and guitar stuff done by myself (Koda) ...
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Huh? is a collection of mostly high energy, often silly rock oriented music created by Darren Weight and ...
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Creating music has been my primary career ambition since I was 20-years-old, though I have yet to make a profit due to avoiding playing live and not writing songs in any particular genre. I consider myself to be an artist rather than an entertainer, and the songs I write range from acoustic guitar and rock to spacey psychedelic stuff. I am very confident there are some songs here you will like A LOT.

Visual Art

I used Photoshop to create the images presented here, with me often starting with images of naked women then manipulating them into oblivion. If you look carefully you can sometimes find breasts hidden in images, but they won’t always be there. Trying to spot them can be an entertaining game. Larger online images. along with desert photography shots, can be found at the PsyCom Art site. Prints are available in various sizes and formats. If you see something you like just send me a note on the contact form.

Alien Energy

Art By Koda

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Beach Babe

Art By Koda

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Red Ball Sky

Art By Koda

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Through a Shaman's Eyes

Art By Koda

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Sigh Pile

Art By Koda

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I have already mentioned Audio Animation. There is an article on that here, as well as pages describing my efforts to make an “anti-gravity” (inertial propulsion) machine, a way to break water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen gas with (hopefully) enough efficiency to enable cars (and everything else) to run on water, and other less radical ideas.

Audio Animation

"Animated, three-dimensional "pictures" or sound shapes you "see with your ears." Originally published in MIX, June,1984, then again in Soundscapes, September 2000." "Seeing Sound" The Feasibility of ...
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“Aniti-Gravity” (Inertial Propulsion)

Using centrifugal force to propell a vehicle through space. I built a simple test unit similar to the drawing above which spun a pair of wheels rather ...
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Water as Fuel

"My theoretical design for a device which uses both electricity and ultrasonic vibration to to separate the hydrogen and oxygen in water to fuel an internal combustion ...
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“Floating” Building

How to support a diamond-shaped building which appears to almost float above the ground. Koda's Theoretical Inventions "Floating" Building The design below would allow for the construction ...
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There is all kinds of stuff in this section. Links to videos, 2 short stories, 9 pomes, lyrics to many of my songs, a screenplay, etc. There is a link to The Dreamers website where I present some possible solutions for our socioeconomic problems. I have been working on an astrological compatibility dating site, astro-dating.com, since 1995, and hope to get it up and running soon. There are also links where you can download lucid dream induction recordings and desktop wallpaper of the Infinite Images piece you can find in the art section.

PsyCom Art

Mostly the best images from the art gallery here (with larger online images) and desert photos. Available as prints on photo enlargement paper up to 20″x30″ or larger prints on canvas or vinyl. I have also included artwork by other Utah artists there.


Rational Spirituality || Audio Animation||Surfing Auroras || Visual Telepathy || Koda’s Art and Music || Huh? performing “Another Night Without You” || The Road is My Home (acoustic guitar ballad)


There ARE solutions to all the socioeconomic problems in the world. Like anything else, if something is broken you simply find the problem and fix it. The solutions involve applying reason, freedom, opportunity and fairness. I created The Dreamers to explain how to do that.

DreamMaster [screenplay]

A would-be rock star in 1976 finds himself in the body of a sexy young blond girl in 1883 and gets caught up in a war where the two sides battle in steam powered spaceships.

Short Fiction

White“- a tragically brief romantic encounter. | “The Quiet Shareholder” – has something to say about the manipulations of big business.


A few of my best poems.

Song Lyrics

Lyrics for roughly 30 songs, including some songs which haven’t been released yet.

Lucid Dream Induction Recordings

Mp3 files you can assemble to cause a tone that will remind you to become aware of dreaming while asleep.

“Infinite Images” desktop image -(wallpaper)

Portions of an image full of hidden faces, etc., sized to fit your computer desktop.