Koda’s Books

My first career choice in life was to be a poet. When I realized it is impossible to make a living writing poetry I turned to writing music, and song lyrics are poetic in nature so it was a good choice. My involvement with music led me to come up with Audio Animation, a way to make 3-D, animated “pictures” (sound shapes) you see with your ears, which resulted in two published articles on the subject. In 1988 I went back to the University of Utah as an English major but quit after three years when I ran out of writing courses to take. Since I have experienced a great many psychic phenomena over the course of my life, and personally discovered a “new” form of psychic perception (Visual Telepathy) I invested five years of fulltime research and writing to create Rational Spirituality. In the course of writing that book I published a chapter from it as a booklet titled Koda’s Psychic Party Games. In 2006 I collected my best poems, song lyrics and computer art to create Word Art, though it wasn’t published till 2013. Then I wrote a screenplay, DreamMaster, and recently finished writing my first novel, The Change, which I published under a different name, D. C. Candi. In late 2011 I started work on Changing the World, which is a collection of progressive political soultions I have been working out over the course of my life. That material is also featured at TheDreamers.org.

I currently (2019) have two other books in progress.  Crazy Genius is a novel, and Getting it Together is a sort of life coaching course based on updated material similar to Rational Spirituality.  Chapters are being posted here as I complete them.

The books listed here have their own webpage with descriptions and samples of their content. All the finished books can be found in stores and online retailers like Amazon.com, and are also available as ebooks.