About Koda

I guess this is where I get to brag about my accomplishments and conveniently not mention all the ways I am “different.”

Let’s see… I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, lived on the big island of Hawaii for 5 years then moved back here in 2018.  I’m 67, 6’4″ (192cm) tall, thin, single, straight and autogynephilic.  I started out as a musician (there are several albums here), invented a way to see animated, 3-D mental images with your ears (Audio Animation), came up with a technique that enables essentially anyone to experience a form of psychic perception (visual telepathy) in just minutes, wrote some books on metaphysics (Rational Spirituality and Koda’s Psychic Party Games) plus a novel, The Change (which was written under a pseudonym) and I also wrote a little book on progressive politics called Changing the World.  I created the art gallery here by manipulating images on a computer, studied astrology for years and created an astrological compatibility dating website that I am still working the bugs out of, and I am great at building campfires 🙂

I have avoided being a public person all my life, much to the detriment of my career, because I would like my work to be famous, not my face. (The photo was taken in 2010, so I am older and less attractive now 🙂

That should about cover it.  Thanks for taking the time to check out my work, and feel free to get in touch anytime 🙂