About This Site

Hi, I’m Koda. I jokingly refer to myself as a crazy genuis because I am sometimes brilliant (ie, Audio Animation and Visual Telepathy) and I am definitely weird (I am a straight man who deliberately developed breasts and I am seriously undisciplined in some ways) — but I am neither crazy or a genius. I am simply very focused on unlimited creative expression and striving to understand the nature of reality (ie, my book, Rational Spirituality). This site contains much of the creative work I have done since about 1975, which you can find using the main menu above. I will describe some of the main highlights here.

Audio Animation is a theoretical invention which uses computer processed sound to generate animated, 3-dimensional pictures or “sound shapes” you see with your ears. These images occur in the space surrounding a listener wearing headphones in every direction at once. If you close your eyes and repeatedly snap your fingers while moving your arm in a big circle, you will HEAR A CIRCLE: an image created with sound.

I discovered the phenomenon of Visual Telepathy when I was 17-years-old, and later developed a simple exercise any two people can use to experience it in just minutes.  I define telepathy as the partial or complete merger of the subjective perceptions of more than one person.  The basic technique is very simple: two people look at one of the other person’s eyes and attempt to see the rest of the face as clearly as possible, without looking away from the eye.  This produces “distortions” in the visual perception of both participants.  The visual changes happen to both people AT THE SAME TIME and with the same level of constantly changing intensity.  Emotional reactions to these visual changes can be monitored by measuring galvanic skin response, providing absolute proof that “something” is connecting the subjective experience of the participants.  That something is telepathy.  Emotions are also shared at times, and with practice even thoughts or visual images can be communicated.  More detailed information can be found in the Rational Spirituality book.

I spent most of my life working as a composer and recording artist, though I have yet to make a profit from all that work.  There are 3 albums/bands presented here.  Psychic Trance Fur is a collection of spacey music I did in collaboration with Darren Weight.  That music will appeal to fans of Pink Floyd though it sounds quite different.  I released some of the high energy, often silly rock music I did with Darren under the Huh? band name.  The better acoustic guitar songs were released in a CD under the Koda name.  I still work alone to release an occasional spacey song under the Psychic Trance Fur name.  Right now I am offering a free Music Sampler CD ($5.79 for shipping and handling).  You can listen to all the songs under the “Music” tab.

The Art Gallery features images I created using Photoshop, often by manipulating existing photographs.

The “Inventions” tab has articles I wrote describing mostly theoretical stuff like using water as fuel and creating effects similar to “anti-gravity” using inertial propulsion.  I have invested at least 10,000 hours trying to figure out how to get inertial propulsion to work, without success, but I really enjoy that challenge.

There are other books (some still in progress) poetry, short stories, a screenplay, and some essays, plus a few videos.  It would probably take an entire day to review all the material presented on this site.  I hope you enjoy your visit, and feel free to contact me if you would like.  I try to respond to everyone who gets in touch.

Piles o’ smiles