Changing the World

A collection of progressive political ideas that can help to eliminate a lot of the problems we face as a society. It is available as a printed book or ebook on Amazon, or you can read that material at the

About The Dreamers

The Dreamers are people who share a common philosophy regarding basic principles and ideas we consider necessary in a world of peace and prosperity for all. We are not an organization, but an attitude. We follow no leader but are instead lead by ideas, all of which are derived from four fundamental principles:

Reason, Fairness, Freedom and Opportunity

The information on this site is derived from my book, Changing the World: Policy Suggestions for the Ninety-Nine Percent. You can click through these pages to read the material, order a physical book, or download the latest version free as a PDF file by clicking here.

We, the Dreamers, hope these ideas will make sense to you, that you too will become a Dreamer and help spread the ideas throughout the world…