Chapter Three: The Law of Attraction

Chapter Three:

The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction refers to the idea that the contents of our awareness — our thoughts, attitudes, emotions, mental images and beliefs — attract “coincidental” events into our experience which largely determine the quality of our lives. Such “coincidences” include events like a chance encounter with a stranger who mentions his company is hiring someone with your particular skills, which could result in a dramatic increase in your income. You could just happen to find yourself standing in line at the checkout counter next to the person you later marry. An idea for a new business or invention could just pop into your head if the conditions are right. Diseases can be cured simply by believing you are healthy, etc.

The basic idea is that like attracts like. If your thoughts and beliefs about the future are truly optimistic, good things will come to you. If you are often frustrated and full of dread, difficult situations will arise. If the law of attraction is actually is true, it means, “You have been given the gift of the gods, the power to create your own reality.” (Seth)

The first two chapters provide evidence that the world around us is a highly organized, dream-like environment controlled by specific “ideas” which act as the laws of science, and that telepathy is a reality — the contents of your awareness are broadcast into the world around you. This indicates the possible existence of a mechanism which can make the law of attraction possible.

The law of attraction is a popular idea in the New Age community, yet many who profess to believe it seem to have difficulty creating the conditions they desire in life. The reasons for such failures are as complicated as the contents of one’s mind, but the solution is relatively simple.

The most basic rule of the law of attraction is that you get what you concentrate upon. We can spend 15 minutes every day imagining the wonderful new house we hope to “create” through the law of attraction, then spend the rest of the day worried about if we will be able to pay our bills, which means most of our attention has been focused upon lack rather than abundance. We might understand “intellectually” that we create our own reality, but in our experience we are confronted with what appears to be conflicting evidence. It seems that we have no control whatsoever over random conditions in the outside world, that we are physical creatures and who we are stops at our skin, so there is no way our thoughts can influence what goes on in the world around us. If that is what the evidence says then we are obligated by reason to accept it as truth.

This is why it is so important to look at ALL of the evidence. Before we conclude that who we are stops at our skin we need to remember telepathy exists and the contents of our awareness IS projected beyond our physical body. We need to remember that the body itself, and the world it exists in, are nothing more than highly organized ideas. At the quantum level everything is only energy and nothing actually exists as matter until it is perceived by consciousness. There IS an objective world where the laws of physics apply, but it is just a dream.

The ability to deliberately apply the law of attraction requires moving the idea from being a “theory” to being a fact of reality. In order to make that transition your logical mind requires clear evidence.

According to the theory (and we must consider the law of attraction to be a theory till we know otherwise) we have been creating our reality all along. All we have to do is look at the conditions we are currently experiencing and we will see the manifested results of our previous thoughts, attitudes, emotions, beliefs and actions.

You can select any particular condition in your experience and trace it back to the beliefs which created it. For example, consider your current degree of financial abundance. It perfectly matches your previous beliefs about your ability to acquire money. If it seems you barely have enough to get by you will be able to look back and see all the times you have told yourself that is the truth of your situation. Your beliefs and your experience will match. The same correlation between belief and reality will exist if you are surrounded by abundance and free from want.

Most of our beliefs are formed automatically by our experience. If we believe we don’t have enough money it is because we don’t have enough money, and that is why our experience and our beliefs are in alignment. It seems that experience forms beliefs rather than beliefs creating experience. Since that is what the evidence is we have to be rational and accept that conclusion as truth. Beliefs ARE formed by experience, but there is more to it than just that.

The belief, “I do not have enough money,” is not true even if you are convinced it is true. You are still alive so you obviously have all the money you need to survive, even if you are homeless and struggling to find shelter and food to eat. It is necessary to change the way one thinks about a limiting situation in order to stop projecting the same negative energy that created it, but you can not lie to yourself. The challenge is to always seek honest, life affirming ways to describe your current conditions and future expectations.

For example, instead of telling oneself, “I never seem to have enough money,” you could say, “I always seem to come up with enough money to get by.” If you compare the different way those two statements feel on an emotional level you will be able to grasp the basic technique involved in applying the law of attraction.

Everything in the universe vibrates at the atomic level. That means everything is vibrating. When you focus your attention on a belief it produces a vibration we experience as an emotion. Compare how these two statements feel on an emotional level: “I never have enough.” “I have all I could ever want and more.”

The emotion or vibration you experience when focusing on these two ideas is dramatically different. The feeling of abundance feels lighter, even buoyant. You can actually sense the higher frequency of the “emotional vibration.” This is not just a “feeling” trapped inside your body. It is a vibrating energy field projected outward from your body into the metaphysical realm where the laws of science exist as “ideas.” Our conscious awareness, under normal conditions, can not follow the energy of our vibration to see how it interacts with the metaphysical dimension, but we can feel that energy within our bodies as a state of emotion. If we are experiencing a particularly strong emotion we can even sense how the vibrating energy seems to extend several feet outward from our bodies. Some people are able to see this energy as constantly moving colors referred to as an aura. It is of critical importance to understand that this energy is real. Your emotional state is constantly broadcasting vibrating energy.

The object in applying the law of attraction is to project positive, life affirming energy on an emotional level. Many people over complicate things by intensely focusing on what they want to create, then end up aware of the lack of that thing for the rest of the day. That is why they have trouble producing desired results with the law of attraction — most of their attention is focused on not having what they desire to create, and that creates more not having.

When we “pretend” something is real, part of us is very aware that it is not real and this can backfire by focusing attention on what is missing. It is necessary to find a way of reducing the contrast between desired and current conditions so they can blend together more easily.

For example, let’s say you want to live in a very nice house. You imagine yourself walking through all the rooms and seeing how all your furniture is arranged. You see yourself entertaining guests and enjoy knowing everyone is having a good time. You imaginatively walk through the yard and otherwise take in as many details as you can. This pretending needs to feel like it is real, and it also needs to blend smoothly into your current reality in some way.

Here is one way to accomplish that. When you are lying on your bed with your eyes closed, try to imagine other bedrooms you have slept in before. Because you have spent so much time in a bed in different locations, it is fairly easy to picture yourself back in those rooms again. You can visualize where you are in relation to the rest of the rooms quite easily. Then simply imagine being in the bedroom of the house you are hoping to live in, and picture the other rooms around you. The new house will feel just as real as the previous places where you have lived.

If you are seeking romance, you can remember times when you were happily in love then simply imagine that is true again with a new, even more compatible person.

If greater wealth is your objective, remember times when you felt like you had “plenty of money” and simply connect that feeling to your present experience.

If you have never been in love or had plenty of money before, you should still be able to imagine what it would feel like if that was your current situation.

If you are serious about actually applying the law of attraction deliberately, you should try to perform this sort of exercise at least once each day. It helps to clarify what it is you are creating if you focus on just one desired condition at a time, then contemplate other desired conditions at different times. Roughly fifteen minutes should be plenty of time to do these exercises, but as little as 30 seconds several times a day will also work. The objective is to feel as if the desired conditions already exist. “See your future. Be your future.” (Chevy Chase in the movie Caddyshack)

One of the reasons why I was unable to make the law of attraction work for me, for decades, was due to using words in my mind to describe what I was intending to create. I would think a specific a phrase repeatedly for long periods, sometimes repeating the same exercise for years, but what I intended never fully manifested. I was forced to conclude that the law of attraction simply didn’t work, but then I would go over all the evidence mentioned earlier and realized this stuff had to work, so I must simply be doing it wrong. That is why I never gave up and kept trying, and kept failing.

A major shift in how I focus my attention, and in the results I achieved, occurred after I listened to an Abraham-Hicks recording on YouTube where Abraham pointed out that words do not create anything. Words can help us to focus attention on what we want to create, but leaving the focus on just the words does not work.

Abraham says there are four steps involved in using the law of attraction. The first is to ask for what you want. Next is leave all the details up to Source energy. The third step is to allow what you want to happen. The forth step is the manifestation in your physical experience.

Step One: Focusing Upon What You Want

Before you can deliberately create an event or condition you must chose what it is you want to create. This can be much more complicated than you might think.

For example, you might tell yourself, and mean it, that you want to find your “soul mate” and live together happily ever after. Then you start listing all the qualities this person needs to have and pretty soon you find yourself not feeling worthy of being with someone so wonderful. Remember, what you believe determines what is possible for you, and if you believe you do not deserve something you will not get it. You might also say you want to be with just one person but find yourself attracted to others, which creates the confusion of wanting something and not wanting it at the same time. The object of your intent needs to be crystal clear.

As just mentioned, using words alone to define what you want doesn’t work. The metaphysical portions of our being operate on non-verbal levels and words are a kind of symbolism that only has meaning in the physical dimension. It is the vibrational energy of our beliefs and emotions, and the mental images associated with them, which results in the creation of events and conditions in our future experience. We experience this “vibration” as emotion, but the vibration also contains specific details. We are able to express these details as thoughts on a conscious level, so using words in your mind to describe what you intend to create can help form the desired vibration, but the words are simply meant to help you focus your attention.

The “thing” that results in getting what you want is the same thing you have been using to create your reality all along. It is the vibrational energy (and associated mental imagery) created when you honestly believe something.

Let’s say you want to create having your ideal body shape, so you are going to spend part of each day contemplating the object of your desire. The first thing you will encounter is the belief that you do not have that body now. You simply accept that as a temporary condition then withdraw your attention from that belief and focus on the desired belief. You imagine what you want as if it is your current reality.

Just as thoughts can help focus your attention, visualizing what you want in your mind can also fill in the details of the vibrational energy you are deliberately creating. You picture yourself standing in front of a mirror in your ideal body, imagine how it will look in different clothes, imagine the compliments you will receive from others, how light and healthy your body feels, etc.

When deliberately creating your reality in this way it is necessary to fully believe you are experiencing the desired event or condition. This kind of focused belief obviously isn’t necessary when you are just going about your life while the law of attraction operates as it always has. The difference is that under normal conditions your casual thoughts produce unquestioned beliefs which later appear in your experience, but in this case the objective is to change a belief by replacing it with a new one. It is necessary to put more energy into the desired belief while at the same time reducing energy in the previous belief.

The theory is that since reality is an illusion where time, space and matter do not really exist in the way we think they do, then the moment you imagine a desired event or condition it instantly becomes a reality in the “spacious present.” Your objective is to spend a few moments each day in contemplative meditation imagining you are tuning into one of the “many worlds” where what you want IS a reality. When you are able to fully imagine yourself experiencing the event or condition you desire, believing it is real in the moment and dimension when it IS real, the event or condition is created. It exists.

One way to know how well you are doing at creating your own reality is to check how you are feeling emotionally at any given moment during your day. If you tell yourself you are creating your own reality and everything you could want is on the way, but spend your time feeling stressed, frustrated, annoyed or just “not particularly happy,” then it should be obvious that you need to work on your emotional awareness. That doesn’t mean lying to yourself about how you feel. It means taking responsibility for your feelings and the consequences they produce. It means you understand how your thoughts and emotions affect the “coincidental” conditions you will later experience, and you can choose to be grumpy and create more to be grumpy about in the future, or you can choose not to take everything so seriously. The single most effective way to deliberately apply the law of attraction is to simply feel good. You do that by being aware of everything you are able to appreciate.

Step Two: Let Source Energy Do the Work

The next step is to let the Universe or Source energy do all the work to connect your present moment to the moment when what you want is a physical reality.

We are not aware of how we regulate our body temperature, digestion, etc., but we trust there are systems in place which can be counted upon to automatically produce the desired conditions. In the same way the conscious mind is not aware of the processes which constantly create the reality we experience, so we simply have to trust that things will work as expected.

Once we have successfully placed our attention on the event or condition we want to create via the law of attraction it is important not to interfere with those automatic process by stimulating doubts.

This is where most people run into problems, because you may be telling yourself one thing while experiencing the opposite in your daily experience. It is the “catch 22” of needing to believe something before it can happen, and needing it to happen before you can believe it.

Highly rational people seem to have the greatest difficulty dealing with the need to see evidence before they can believe the law of attraction actually works. I am one of those people, and my stubborn insistence on seeing undeniable evidence before I could believe this “cosmic stuff” cost me decades of struggle when things could have sailed along much more smoothly. But it wasn’t just the need for evidence that got in my way. I also held many limiting beliefs and attitudes I simply refused to question. Other topics in the book are meant to address those issues.

Once you have internally experienced feeling that want you want is real, the next thing is to simply trust that Source energy will bring it about, and that it will happen whenever the time is right.

Step Three: Allow What You Want to Happen

You would think this would be the easiest part of creating reality, and it is, if you know how to do it. Many people, including myself, can get hung up here because we find “reasons” why we can’t get what we want.

The most obvious reason is because we don’t believe this cosmic crap is real in spite of all the evidence telling us it pretty much has to work this way. If you still have doubts regarding whether or not the law of attraction is possible, I would like to suggest you find the flaws in the first chapter where you can say, “There it is. That is why this stuff can’t be real.” I spent 45 years questioning the validity of the law of attraction and it turned out to get me nowhere.

In one way or another I think we all have some of that skepticism going on, even hard core believers in the law of attraction like myself. It can be rather difficult not to question if what you believe is actually true when everyone around you thinks it is BS. Once you experience undeniable evidence and that “catch 22” is removed the skepticism is perceived as simply being negative thinking.

Part of allowing what you want to happen involves doing things that will make it physically possible. You can’t sit on your couch playing video games every day and expect the movie star you have a crush on to walk through your door and take you to bed. You have to at least unlock the door first.

But seriously. One must become “available” in a way that can make experiencing what you desire possible. If you want to find true love, or just an enthusiastic sex partner, you will need to go out or go online in a way that can make that possible. If you want to buy that new house you must do something which will allow you to pay for it or otherwise bring it into your experience through cause and effect. The great thing about the law of attraction is that just by learning how to believe you “have” what you want, that belief will automatically inspire ideas for how to bring it about. If the belief includes believing that everything will happen quick and easy, it will happen that way.

One way to become better at allowing what you want to happen is to be “receptive” as you do your visualization exercises. Rather than focusing on “creating” what you want, you can tune into the feeling of “accepting” that what you want is being given to you. Accepting includes a feeling of gratitude. We have to understand that our conscious self or ego does not do the work of actually creating anything, just as that part of us does not cause our heart to beat. If we have been struggling in some area of life for years and it suddenly becomes much better it is not because our ego made it happen. We have to understand how lucky we are to have finally escaped the perpetual negativity our ego has been creating in that area, and that produces a feeling of sincere gratitude.

Maybe you feel like you don’t deserve what you want, but that is just a belief, one you can immediately discard because, as Seth says, “no one is handing out worthiness certificates.”

Maybe you haven’t done everything right so it won’t work. That is also just a belief. You have been creating your reality all along so believing you don’t know how to do it serves no purpose. Did you do step one, clearly focus on what you want to create? Are you doing step two, turning it all over to the powers that be and being unconcerned about the details of how it will all work out? That is pretty easy to do — just don’t worry about it. And here you are at step three, simply allowing what you want to happen. That ought to be pretty easy. Allowing it to happen implies expecting it to happen, but we have to believe it will happen when the time is right and not become discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away.

You live in your own bubble of physical reality and everything around you is fundamentally an illusion. Your ego did not create the world you are experiencing, or your physical body, or even your identity. They were created by the Source of existence, the metaphysical energy that makes everything continuously come into being. Your personal existence is how Source knows itself, by experiencing your individual interpretation of existence. Right now, and in every moment, Source energy is actively maintaining your existence in this dream-like reality. You ARE Source energy, being you. How else can you explain your existence?

If you are Source energy being you, and you are aware of something that would delight you, don’t you think that Source would love to experience that delight just as much as you would?

When you are doing your visualization exercises, see if you can identify with being the Source of your being, and realize there is no difference between you feeling wonderful and Source feeling wonderful. Whatever it is that causes your continued existence is part of you, is on your side, and is eager to provide you with whatever events and conditions you believe you can experience.

That is the nature of the game in this reality. If you can believe it, it’s yours.

Step Four: Experience the Manifestation of Your Desires

Congratulations 🙂


No matter how dire you current situation may be, you can always focus your attention on those things you are grateful for. Most of us have shelter and food to eat and are not in chronic pain. We have hands and feet that work and eyes that see. We do not live in war zones with the fear of bombs being dropped on us at any moment, and we have friends and family members we love and appreciate, etc. Even if you do not have some of the benefits just mentioned there are many others you do have. The best way to stop projecting negative energy into your future experience is to adopt an attitude of gratitude for those many things you are grateful for, to remind yourself every day of all the good things in your life.

List Number One: Everything I Am Grateful For

You will be asked to make several lists in order to apply the information here, and this is the first. Please make a list of everything you are grateful for.

If you are honest with yourself as you make this list you should quickly discover that your current situation is better than you thought. Besides the obvious things like limbs and organs that work, food and shelter, friends and loved ones, you will discover that many of the conditions you are currently experiencing were once just things you wished for. All your “stuff” was once just something you wanted. Even if you are unhappy with your job you were once happy to get it, and you wouldn’t still be going to work if you did not continue to appreciate what having that job does for you.

If you make the list of the things you are truly grateful for and look at it once each day if you can, it will help remind you that your life isn’t that bad after all. We tend to focus on what we want to create and experience a feeling of something missing as a result, but if we can remind ourselves of all we currently have to be grateful for it results in better feelings being projected into our future.

Remember, the single, most important, most effective way to use the law of attraction to create the conditions you desire is to feel good. As the song says, “Don’t worry. Be happy.”

It should be obvious that experiencing stress can be very detrimental depending on the cause. If the source is worry and doubt, you should take a moment to relax and let the stress dissipate, reminding yourself of all you have to be grateful for. On the other hand, “happy stress” can be exciting and beneficial. For example, the stress involved in getting ready for a big event such as a wedding or performance. The difference is whether or not you are enjoying the stress.

Our subconscious beliefs, those ideas about reality that seem so obvious we don’t realize they are simply beliefs and not necessarily true facts, have been built up over the course of our entire lives. Because we always place so much attention on them, often without realizing it, they have a sort of momentum which continues to affect our experience even after we make deliberate efforts to rid ourselves of limiting ideas. It is similar to how a huge ship can not turn quickly because the momentum of its movement continues to push it in the original direction of travel. It can take a month or two before changes in one’s beliefs produce desired results. At the same time one should know “the present is the point of power,” and “beliefs changed over night can produce astounding results.” (Seth)

Some conditions we would like to create seem more difficult than others, but that is just a belief. In theory it is no more difficult to instantly cure oneself of a fatal disease than to deliberately create a good place to park your car when you are out shopping.

What seems almost impossible to some people can seem easy to others. For example, coming up with an extra $100 this month can seem very difficult to Bob, while Jane knows she only needs to make a few phone calls for that to happen. At the same time Bob could be confident he can find romance just by going to a local bar, while Jane has been trying to find her soulmate unsuccessfully for years. When either of these people decide to change a condition which they have tried and failed to change for years it can seem almost impossible. It is important to realize that in this example, each person knows the solution to the other’s problem and the solution is not difficult to achieve. The difference is what each person believes.

Let’s say Bob works on salary and his income is exactly the same every month, even when he works overtime. He believes his income can not change so coming up with $100 more is basically impossible. Jane is a hair stylist and her income depends on how many clients she sees. When she decides she needs an extra $100 she simply calls some of her clients till she schedules enough work to make the extra money. She might suggest to Bob that he call some friends to see if they have any handyman projects they would like done, or that he sell some item he no longer uses. Jane believes there is always a way to bring in a little extra cash when you need it so her imagination quickly finds possible solutions. She knows that if Bob had the same positive attitude (belief) about being able to find extra money he would find a way to get it.

At the same time Jane has been mostly alone, experiencing one brief romantic relationship after another for years, all the while believing she just wants to find her soulmate, Mr. Right. She has high ideals and a list of specific qualities she is looking for, plus another list of her own insecurities and imperfections, which causes her to doubt that she is good enough for anyone who is good enough for her. She is lonely and frustrated and doesn’t understand why it is taking so long to find the right guy. Bob, on the other hand, isn’t looking for the perfect lover. He appreciates the good qualities he finds in the women he meets and understands that no one is perfect, including himself. His attitude is, “Let’s see how this goes,” and if he ends up being with someone for a the rest of his life because they enjoy being together, then that’s what happens. Bob would suggest that Jane lighten up and appreciate people for who they are rather than continually seek perfection, because Mr. Right might be different from who she thinks he needs to be.

These examples demonstrate, in what appear to be purely objective terms, how our beliefs determine the conditions we experience in life. It should be obvious that even if the law of attraction were not operating we should always be alert to how our beliefs are affecting the quality of our experience in life. Anytime we find ourselves feeling frustrated or limited it can help to ask ourselves if there is a better way to think about the situation. Optimism and imagination, an open mind and a bit of humility, can help us avoid limited beliefs and their obvious consequences.

It should be obvious that the world around us is essentially an illusion produced by “ideas” operating on a metaphysical level. The visual telepathy exercise proves that our mental and emotional energy is projected outward from the body. All this means that the mechanism required for the law of attraction to operate appears to be in place. That mechanism operates primarily in regard to what we choose to believe. The next chapter describes the awesome power of our beliefs.