Crazy Genius by Koda | Chapter Four: Telekinesis

Crazy Genius by Koda

Chapter Four


Telekinesis, sometimes referred to as psychokinesis, is the act of moving an object at a distance without physically touching it in any way. The first time I tried to do this I balanced a spoon on the rim of a water glass and it took hours of immense concentration before I was able to cause the spoon to rock back and forth till it fell off the glass. I am about to show you how you can use telekinesis to spin a paper wheel in just seconds.

You will first need to make the paper wheel (called a psi wheel). Most people should have everything required laying around the house. Here is a list of what you will need:

Scissors, a sheet of paper, thin cardboard, ruler, straight pin with a flat head, glue stick. (If you don’t have any glue you can use a pencil to draw the wheel and cut it out of the paper in one piece.)

1. Use a pair of scissors to cut three strips of paper 1/4″ wide by 2″ long.
2. Lay the strips of paper on top of each other so they cross in the middle and are spaced evenly apart, forming a shape like a star.
3. Glue the strips together in that position, being careful not to get any glue on the underside of the bottom strip.
4. Cut a piece of thin cardboard, like that of a cereal box or other food packaging, into a round circle about 2″ across.
5. Push a straight pin with a flat head through the center of the cardboard circle, and place the circle on a table with the pin pointing straight up
6. Bend the spokes of the wheel so they droop slightly downward from the hub in the center.
7. (This is the hard part.) Balance the wheel horizontally on top of the straight pin.

At this point you have created a “psi wheel” and you are going to attempt to use telekinesis to spin the wheel without touching it. Here comes the big secret that will enable you to do it.

8. Place your curved hand vertically about 1/2-inch to the side of the wheel.

That’s it. You don’t have to do anything at this point and the wheel should begin to spin. Easy peasy.

There is energy circulating in the human body which has had various names associated with it, including chi or prana or the “bioelectric force.” Regardless of what one calls it, that energy exists and it radiates out from the body and is in constant motion. When you place your curved hand to the side of the wheel, the energy interacts with the paper, and since the paper wheel will spin so easily it will move simply because your hand is so close to it.

The wheel doesn’t always spin the first time you try, but try it again now and then and eventually your energy should be high enough to make it spin.

Of course it helps if you are able to focus the energy in your hand using your conscious intent. I have found that quieting my mind and simply expecting the wheel to spin often works well.

Sometimes I visualize the energy coming out of my hand pushing against the wheel, but usually I just look at the wheel and expect it to rotate. Sometimes I can’t spin the wheel at all.

The energy, according to yogic philosophy, can become trapped in your joints, so doing some stretching exercises can help free up the energy and get the wheel to spin faster. People who do hatha yoga regularly seem to be able to spin the wheel more easily.

If you do a search on YouTube for “psi wheel” you will find videos of people who can deliberately cause the wheel to change directions. Some can spin large psi wheels from several feet away, even when they are placed under a glass bell jar to prove no wind is affecting the wheel. Those videos demonstrate how one can learn to control this energy to produce rather amazing results.

But seriously, causing a small wheel like this to spin requires no conscious effort. The energy is always there and always circulating, sometimes more strongly then at other times.

Isn’t it nice to know you have suddenly gained the awesome ability to use telekinesis?

Here’s another Koda Quote: “Things only seem impossible when you don’t know how to do it.”