Crazy Genius by Koda | Chapter Three: Infinity

Crazy Genius by Koda

Chapter Three

Infinity: Why the Physical Universe Must Be an Illusion

OK, this chapter gets pretty heavy, but it is really cool stuff and you don’t have to be smart or educated to understand it, but you will need to be interested enough to pay attention to what you are reading. Those who prefer not to strain their brain can simply scroll down to the embedded music video near the end of this page to get a general idea of what this chapter is about.

What is infinity?

The word means, “without end,” but can anything really go on forever?

Imagine a list of all the even numbers that are possible, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, etc. There is no end to how many numbers can be added to this list, so we say the list is infinitely long.

Now let’s make list of all the odd numbers, 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, etc. This list is also infinitely long, exactly the same length as the first list.

Now, lets combine the two lists to make a third list containing all the even AND odd numbers. This list contains all the numbers from both lists, twice as many numbers, so it MUST be twice as long, but it is the same length, infinitely long. How can something be twice as long but the same length? It can’t.

How large is the center of a coin? If we say it is one-billionth of an inch across, we can always cut that area in half to more precisely define the center. We can cut that area in half a billion times and not locate the precise center. No matter how many times we zoom in even closer we will never reach the exact center of the coin. Much like the place where two invisible lines cross (a mathematical point) the center of a coin is infinitely small.

How many infinitely small points of space does it take to draw a line the length of your thumbnail? If you line up a million infinitely small points with no space between them, you can cut each point in half a million times and the total length of the line will remain infinitely short. It is impossible to line up enough infinitely small points of space to draw a line.

At the other end of the scale is outer space. Where does it end? Science tells us the universe was created in the big bang and space itself is constantly expanding. Into what? Beyond the edge of the universe there is no space for space to expand into. Is it just nothing? There is absolutely no proof that nothing, no thing, exists out there. If no thing does exist out there (a completely irrational concept) then where does no thing end? Apparently no thing goes on forever, which means it is infinite.

At the same time, science asks us to believe that the entire universe exploded into being out of no thing. Come on guys. You know you can’t get something out of nothing. There must be some other explanation, and I will offer one shortly.

Another appearance of infinity, according to science, is at the center of black holes, which are supposed to be infinitely dense. If an object has infinite density it also has infinite gravity, which means the moment the first black hole appeared the entire universe would have been instantly sucked into it. Don’t forget that infinite means without limit, and infinite gravity means the speed of light and distance are limits which would be instantly shattered.

Infinity does not physically exist in this universe.

From the infinite past to the infinite future, the infinity small to the infinite vastness of space, the universe ends in infinity. The boundaries of the physical universe, the place where physical matter and all hope of perception ends, is infinity. Infinity is an idea, not a thing, so if the physical universe is contained inside an idea the universe itself must also be an idea.

The term “metaphysics” refers to that which is “beyond the physical.” If the physical universe can not, in the most fundamental terms, exist in the way we think it does, there must be some other structure responsible for the phenomena we experience. I believe that structure exists as a metaphysical construct which is more closely related to “ideas” than anything else in our experience. Evidence for this can be found in mathematics.

Math is not a physical thing, it is a very complex system of ideas. It is truly amazing that essentially all of the physical processes in the universe can be explained using mathematical formulas.

For example, if all the variables are known, including the mass of the earth, air temperature and the shape and mass of a ball, if that ball is dropped from a specific height, mathematics makes it possible to precisely predict the speed of the falling ball at any point as it falls, exactly how long it will take for the ball to travel any given distance and exactly how much force the ball will exert when it hits the ground. Mathematics can tell us exactly what will happen when two different chemicals are combined. Math makes all of our technology possible and tells us what goes on inside of atoms. Essentially everything that happens in physical reality can be described using mathematical formulas.

Mathematicians do not invent the formulas which perfectly predict the way physical matter operates, they discover those formulas. The laws of physics control our reality yet they have no substance. We do not see the mechanisms which force matter to behave in very particular ways while refusing to let it behave differently. Perhaps most impressive is that this “machine” which controls the behavior of matter never, ever, breaks. Pure water under normal pressure never boils or freezes at room temperature. Gravity never shuts off for a few minutes or suddenly pulls with ten times the force. Every physical machine or structure is subject to entropy and eventually breaks down, but not the laws of physics, which is further evidence that these laws are metaphysical in nature.

Then there are phenomena which appear to defy physical laws, including psychic phenomena and quantum entanglement.

An example of quantum entanglement is when two atoms are separated after after insuring their electrons are spinning in the same direction. Regardless of how far apart the two atoms are placed, even if they were light years apart, when the spin of one electron is reversed the other the other also reverses, instantly, defying the limitations of the speed of light. Einstein referred to this phenomenon as “spooky action at a distance.”

If you have had a chance to experiment with the visual telepathy exercise you should have absolute proof that psychic phenomena, in the form of telepathy, is a reality. In the next chapter I will show you how to spin a paper wheel without touching it (telekinesis) in just minutes.

The first chapter of the Rational Spirituality book describes dozens of psychic phenomena I experienced when young. I left my body, experienced full awareness in dreams (lucid dreaming), performed telekinesis, “read minds,” had a waking vision (related to my “anti-gravity” ideas), heard a non-physical voice, perceived impressions of what was likely a previous incarnation, experienced deja vu, and more. Scientific evidence of many other forms of psychic phenomena has been collected, from levitation to teleportation and materializing objects from thin air. Most current scientists scoff at these ideas, including telepathy and telekinesis, which you can do yourself without any previous experience. They may want to remember the old adage, “don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.”

The point I want to make here is that some things happen which appear to defy the laws of physics. They don’t, but that is because physical laws are not involved in these kinds of phenomena. If physical reality were actually the way it appears to be many forms of psychic phenomena would not be possible, yet they definitely do happen.

So my explanation for how the universe came into being is this – it didn’t. The physical universe does not exist in the way we think it does, so in the most fundamental terms, where time and space are illusions, questions of beginnings and endings are irrational. The physical universe is the result of a complex system of interacting ideas and only has existence from the standpoint of an observer focused within it. When viewed from a perspective beyond its infinite (imaginary) borders, the physical universe has no more actual substance than a dream. (This implies that dreams may have a greater reality than we have supposed.)

From the perspective of someone alive in physical reality, questions about the apparent expansion of the universe, and the implications of that regarding the big bang, remain valid. But the physical universe did not explode into being out of nothing at all. It came from and is constantly created by a metaphysical structure which exists outside our concepts of time and space.

That metaphysical structure is real. There is no other explanation I can imagine which can account for the way infinity forms the boundaries of the physical universe, for the laws of physics never being broken, for the reality of psychic phenomena, and for the apparent non-physical nature of our own consciousness.

Here are some of the same observations about infinity expressed in a sort of music video —


I am about to show you how to perform telekinesis (how to move a physical object without touching it) and I expect most people will be absolutely floored to discover how easy it is.