Crazy Genius by Koda | Chapter Two: Visual Telepathy

Crazy Genius by Koda

Chapter Two

Visual Telepathy

The first thing we’ll want to do is make a surprising observation about the nature of visual perception.

I would like you to glance around the room and notice how you can see the entire room clearly in a sweeping glance. Please do that now.

Next, I will prove that you did NOT see the room clearly in spite of believing you just did.

After reading this paragraph, please focus your eyes on any word near the top of the page, then, without looking away from that word, tell me any word you can read near the bottom of the page. Please do this now.

If you didn’t look away from the first word you could not read any word near the bottom of the page. That is because the area of clear perception at a comfortable reading distance is only about an inch or so across (about 3cm).

When you glance around the average sized room, depending on how far away the objects are, your area of clear perception is only about 1-foot across (30cm). Everything outside the area of clear perception remains blurry. That means when you looked around and thought you could see everything in the room clearly you actually didn’t.

(I will describe even more amazing stuff about visual perception later.)

Your subconscious mind correlates fragments of clear visual imagery with familiar shapes and objects in your memory in order to manufacture the impression of a clear perception. If this did not occur we would all walk around with tunnel vision and even basic survival would be much more difficult.

The Visual Telepathy exercise you are about to learn focuses attention on what we actually see, rather than what we think we are supposed to see, and in doing so it provides a glimpse of the “reality behind reality.”

In a nutshell, this is how to perform visual telepathy. Two people sit or stand a comfortable distance apart, usually within 3 feet (1 meter). Without effort, both people focus their vision on the right eye of the other person, and without looking away from the eye, attempt to see the other person’s face as clearly as you see the eye. Blink whenever your eyes need wetting but not to regain your usual focus.

Usually, within less than a minute the perception of the other’s face will begin to blur, distort and become somewhat hallucinatory. Over time the visual changes become more dramatic, sometimes leading to the perception of “other people.” It is very likely that when you see clear images of other people you are seeing how the other person appeared in a different incarnation.

That last statement is a bit difficult to prove, but what can be proven is this: The visual changes happen to both people at the same time and with the same level of constantly fluctuating intensity. This fact can be verified by measuring the galvanic skin response of the participants as both subjects react emotionally to the visual changes they are perceiving. The simultaneous nature of the changing perceptions absolutely proves that “something” (telepathy) is linking the subjective experience of both people together.

I define telepathy as “the partial or complete merger of the subjective awareness of more than one individual in the present moment.” That means the more similar the experiences of two people are the easier it is for telepathy to occur. During this exercise both participants are looking at someone’s eye and seeing the blurry image of a face. Both are concentrating on seeing the face as clearly as possible without looking away from the eye. If each person is thinking different thoughts that will create big differences in subjective perception, and the object is to avoid such differences. If the exercise is done correctly both people will be focused on what they are seeing and individual thoughts will naturally be minimized. Remember this exercise is extremely easy to perform and no effort at all is required, only consistent attention on seeing the face as clearly as possible without looking away from the eye.

If you feel a sudden bit of emotion while doing the exercise, point it out to your partner, because it is very likely they felt the same thing. Emotions are subjective perceptions and they are also duplicated when telepathy occurs.

With practice it is possible to communicate specific information with this technique. The Rational Spirituality book goes into far more detail on this subject.

I personally discovered the phenomena of Visual Telepathy when I was 17-years-old and went around “reading minds” for two weeks, till all my friends refused to be anywhere near me because they were convinced I could read all their deep, dark secrets and that terrified them. I couldn’t do that but they didn’t believe me, and not wanting to spend the rest of my life alone I stopped “reading minds.” A couple of years later I came up with the exercise described above so I could show other people how to experience Visual Telepathy themselves.

Please don’t simply take my word for the existence of Visual Telepathy. Explain the extremely easy instructions to a friend and watch what happens. Verify that the visual changes happen to both of you at the same time with the same level of relative intensity, and that strong emotional reactions to the visual changes are also shared. Then ask yourself how such an experience can be possible? What physical force or mechanism makes it possible for telepathy and other psychic phenomena to occur?

The evidence suggests that most psychic phenomena does not involve any physical forces at all. I think it all happens on a metaphysical level (“meta” means “beyond”) and the next page will basically “prove” that physical reality doesn’t actually exist in the way we think it does. Are you ready for a really interesting brain teaser? It’s all connected to the concept of infinity…

If you are hoping to find some friends who might want to try the Visual Telepathy exercise with you, “Sharing” this page will let your friends know about it, and if they are interested they might let you know.