Getting it Together: Introduction

Getting It Together:

Using Science and Metaphysics to Create the Life You Desire

by Koda

copyright 2019

This is a work in progress, being posted as it is written, so future changes can be expected.


Table of Contents


The Illusionary Nature of Physical Reality

Visual Telepathy

The Law of Attraction

The Power of Belief

(still to come)

Meditation and Contemplation

Defining Oneself

Deciding What You Want

Self Discipline




This information you are about to read is designed to enable you to achieve the conditions you desire in life in the quickest, easiest way possible. That doesn’t mean it won’t require some effort on your part, but the objective is to produce the maximum benefits with the least possible effort. Theoretically, love, money, health, adventure, whatever you desire, can all become yours faster and easier than you ever thought possible — all as a result of understanding the true nature of reality.

I will tell you what you need to know right now, but it is unlikely you will believe it.

We are all God.

That says it all, but I will elaborate a bit further. The universe is a result of consciousness, one single consciousness shared by everyone and everything. Separateness is an illusion. Time, space and matter are illusions, and when you imagine something it instantly becomes a reality even if you are unable to perceive that reality. All you need to do is align your perception with the reality you desire.

Making statements like that without providing evidence is obviously useless. You just received “the big answer” you have been seeking all your life, but it is unlikely you suddenly feel enlightened. Everything that follows has just one purpose — to make you aware that the statements above are true.

Gaining understanding of that truth involves making some observations about the nature of physical reality and the rational, scientific evidence which essentially proves that the world we experience is an illusion. You will learn the tremendous power of our beliefs to either limit or enhance the conditions we experience. We will cover the popular New Age idea referred to as “the law of attraction,” and I will provide a simple exercise which will enable you to experience a form of psychic perception in just minutes— which provides proof that your conscious awareness produces effects beyond your physical body. In more practical terms, you will learn how to decide what you truly want, how to enjoy acting with self discipline, and how to discover the actions necessary to achieve your goals. By the time we are done I hope to convince you that “life is but a dream” and you can experience almost anything your heart desires.

The first chapter takes a very close look at the nature of the reality we perceive around us. It gets pretty heavy, but if you have the patience to really pay attention to the evidence presented there, to ask yourself what is true or not true in order to come to a convincing conclusion, everything that follows will make more sense to you.

In addition to information related to quantum physics and the use of thought experiments, I will be referring to two sources of “channeled” information, Seth and Abraham. “Channeling” refers to a process where a person goes into a sort of trance and allows a disincarnate being to speak through them.

Jane Roberts began to channel Seth in the 1960s and continued till her death in 1984. In this way Seth dictated a number of books beginning with Seth Speaks then The Nature of Personal Reality, plus many others. I consider those two books to be essential reading (for those who like to think) and I have read both countless times. Seth describes himself as “a multi-dimensional personality energy essence no longer focused within physical matter.” As Jane would sit speaking in trance, her husband, Rob, would write down what Seth would say using a form of shorthand he developed himself. Almost no editing was necessary.

Ester Hicks was born in 1948 and became aware of the Seth books shortly after Jane Roberts died. She was very suspicious about such things in the beginning, but she eventually started speaking for Abraham, a “group soul” consisting of many individuals who communicate as one being. She was assisted by her husband, Jerry Hicks, in making audio recordings, publishing books and conducting live workshops, till Jerry died from cancer in 2011. As of this writing in 2019, Ester Hicks is still channeling Abraham at workshops across the US, and there are hundreds of audio recordings made at these workshops available free on YouTube. Abraham focuses almost exclusively on the law of attraction.

You don’t have to believe in “New Age mumble jumble” for the information here to be of value, but no one can learn anything without having an open mind. In fact, rational objectivity and critical thinking are necessary in order to become aware of the truth. As they say, “The truth will set you free.”