Huh? is a collection of mostly high energy, often silly rock oriented music created by Darren Weight and myself (Koda) back in the 1990s.

Song Lyrics

This started out as a simple little acoustic ballad, but Darren felt inspired to turn it into something more modern. It's about a woman who finds a small object that fell from space and captures the soul of everyone who looks at it. I actually created a 25 minute video on the same subject while in film school at the U. of Utah in 1990.

"Odd White Thing"
By Koda

A woman walking down the street
Finds an odd white thing, cylinder shaped.
Turns it over in her hands
The reflection of her face
In the odd white thing
Is such a captivating face.

She takes it home and puts it on the shelf. Strange desire to keep it to herself
Cause her reflection just won't errase
From the odd white thing
That may have come from space. In the morning, takes it to work
In the pocket of her shirt
So she can look down all through the day
At the odd white thing
And see her captivating face. Such a captivating face. Can't look away before too long
Her body's rigid and her mind is gone
They call the doctor, who comes away
With the odd white thing
It shows a new odd face. Such a captivating face. He takes it home and puts it on the shelf
Strange desire to keep it to himself
Cause his reflection just wont errase
From the odd white thing
That may have come from space.

Odd White Thing

Electronic rock, regarding the hypocrisy of the war on drugs while 40 million Americans are on Prozac.

"Socially Sanctioned Chemical Bliss"
By Koda

Tut tut child.
What seems to be the problem?
Well, ya see doc, it's like this.

Oh, not to worry.
I've got just the thing for you.

But what is this stuff?

It's a magic little pill
that will make it all better.

Prozac, Zanix, Valum, Welbutrin, Lithium, Ritilin

Won't be long till everyone's on
Socially sanctioned chemical bliss!

You see we've given up
Trying to help you solve your problems
It's much easier if you think
They've just gone away

Uh yeah, I feel better. Much better.
But isn't thee something odd
About everyone being on
Socially sanctioned chemical bliss?

Prozac, Zanix, Valum, Welbutrin, Lithium, Ritalin

Won't be long till everyone's on
Socially sanctioned chemical bliss!

Take a look around
It's a brand new world
Forty-million Americans on Prozac alone.

Socially Sanctioned Chemical Bliss

High energy rock. A remake of an earlier Huh? song, for people who feel exploited by their employers and like to fantasize about getting even in ways they never really would.

By Koda

I go to work, and then come home
Feed the kids, give the dog a bone
Then go to work, and then come home
Do the laundry, and cut the lawn
Sometimes it seems, I have to say
It's a little hard, to keep up the pace!
I go to work, pick up my check
After bills and taxes, almost nothing left!
Prices going up, can't get a raise
You call this livin' the American Way?!
Well it really makes me angry . . .

I don't want to go to work no more!
I don't want to do it, that's for sure.

I go to work, and do my job
Make lots of money, for some slob
Then I come home, to stacks of bills
Slug down a bottle, and a sack of pills
Makes me want to do some damage!

I don't want to go to work no more!
I don't want to do it! NO NO NO NO NO!

I know, I won't go to work, I'll just stay home
Feed the kids the dog, then strap the mower on
And go to work, and have some fun
I'll use the boss to feed the lawn!
well, maybe not . . .

But I don't want to go to work no more!
I don't want to do it! I don't wan'na!


High energy rock. It was one of those days when I was really being hot on the guitar. Darren had a bass loop going on a cheap sequencer and was playing drums live with little buttons on a drum machine. There is a break in the middle where he had to re-start the bass pattern by hitting the button with his nose! I added the vocals later.

By Koda

I'm not nervous.
I'm always this way.
I'm OK, I'm OK, I'm OK,
I'm, arrahh, I'm not nervous!
I just can't sit still.
Ain't nothing wrong with me!
I just need a few more pills!
No, I'm not nervous.
I'm perfectly calm.
It's just this buzzing in my ears . . .
It drives me crazy!
(I'll never be able to play this live!)
Just relax man,
You'll do fine.

How many times
Do I have to tell you?!


Electronic rock. True story about a woman I knew who decided to get a sex change. Listen carefully to the change of wording in the chorus - "and" becomes "as."

"Angela and Tony"
By Koda

Angela was Prom Queen
Head Cheerleader
Voted Most Popular
The kind of girl you just couldn't help but like.
A couple years out of high school
I guess she was feeling too visible
That's when she started searching
For some major change in her life.
I first met Angela in Big Sur, California
In a hot tub
She was twenty-two
Still looking for that change to do.
I think we might have fallen in love
If it hadn't been for her "relationship" with Tony
They lived together, breathed together,
They were really quite inseparable.

Angela and Tony
As close as anyone can get
Angela and Tony
You know what they say about the shoe that fits

I was talking with Tony on the phone the other day
He's twenty-six now, and goes to school at Berkeley.
He was standing at the window describing the view
As the sun went down behind the bridge
Casting a golden light across the bay
And on all the buildings as the lights came on in the city.
He hasn't seen Angela's face in two years now,
But as he stood there stroking the hair on her chin
He realized just how close she really is.

Angela and Tony
As close as anyone can get
Angels as Tony
You know what they say about the shoe that fits.

Angela and Tony

Bluesy electronic rock loaded with sound effects. Darren and I spent two months trying to get this thing to sound cool, till we were so sick of hearing the bass line we couldn't stand the song any longer. It's about some guys collecting space garbage who encounter a bunch of college kids partying illegally on an asteroid. The original bass line was written by Steve Morrison.

"Space Junk"
By Koda

Well, there's supposed to be some words here
about this time we were out collecting garbage
between Jupiter and the third belt.
Trouble is we haven't got 'em all figured out yet,
but it's about this time we were picking up stuff like
spent fuel tanks and potty bags and stuff--
Hey, get that one--

when we spotted this asteroid-- it was kind a glowin', ya know?
Well, we went over to check it out
and found out it had been invaded
by a bunch of college kids from the First Orbital University.
They had this old reactor glowing like a sun,
and they hauled in all this water to make a beach
and get this, they were all naked, surfing!
Well, I was gonna give 'em a ticket
for all this radioactive waste they were leaving behind,
but the guys were looking pretty down
and the girls all started being really nice,
and when you find the only beer in two hundred million miles
the only thing you can say is LETS PARTY!

Yeah, that was a bodatious time to be sure.
The girls all wanted to go for rides in this old garbage scowl
and we did whoop-d-loops through the asteroids like this--
and they turned us on to this mind-blowin' vacuum vapor stuff--
Oh yeah, potent!

But you've got to be careful when you're drivin' on that stuff, or, oohhHH!

Space Junk

Rock. Imagine a pocket protector nurd on stage in a bar singing this, getting all tied up in the mic cables, etc., as a really hot looking babe comes in flaunting her stuff.

"So Sexy"
By Koda

Oh you're so sexy
You make me hurt inside
You know my knees get weak
Just to see you walkin' by!
Oh you're so sexy
You make me want to cry
If you wrapred those arms around my neck
I'd loose my breath if I did't die!

Oh you're so sexy
You know I just can't wait
The way you squirm down on the seat
It's enough to make me stand up straight! Oh you're just so so so sexy!

So Sexy

Mellow rock. Starts out all serious about a cat with magical powers, who ends up being hosed down with water and thrown in a dryer. One of those songs you shouldn't laugh at but will anyway 🙂

"Mystical Cat (in the Dryer)"
By Koda

The mystical cat
He's kind of lazy and fat.
Ain't no denyin'
That he knows where it's at.
He drives around
In a number nine cloud,
Moves real slow
And he don't talk to loud.

Hey cat
Everything he does (he does) to the max
Hey cat
Everything he does (he does) to relax

He lives in a twin-towered
subterranean adobe penthouse
That sits in the middle of a big blue lake
that glows and sparkles at night.
He trains his snakes to mesmerize the chickens
and then devourer 'em with smiles on their faces.
He snaps his fingers into flame to light his cigarettes,
but what really impresses the pussys
is the way he keeps his whiskers wet.

Here kitty, kitty, kitty.
It's time for your bath!
Oh! Look at what happened to you!
(I wonder how that happened?)
We'd better do something about that!

Cat in the Dryer
Goes 'round and 'round
Keeps getting higher
Keeps coming down.
Cat in the dryer
poor thing got wet
So I put him in the dryer
Can't have no wrinkled pets!

Cat in the dryer
(meow! SLAM! no, not quite done yet)
Must be getting tired
Keeps falling on his head!

Mystical Cat (in the Dryer)

Now don't do this to your kitty 'cause you'll kill him.
The humane society doesn't do it that way
And that's not how you should do it either.

But tell me something . . .
What's stiff as a board on the inside
And soft and fluffy on the outside?

No, no. That's not it.
What's round and soft and furry . . .
Kind of crunchy inside . . .
And screams like hell when you touch it?

Well, that'll show that cat--
You can't get away with wearing MY sunglasses.

The first song Darren and I ever did together - pure childish stupid silliness. We used to have a such a great time . . .

"Purple Tiger"
By Koda

Little pigmies in the forest
Wearing green shoes and yellow hats
In pursuit of purple tigers
They hope they bring one back
"that's nice and fat" Purple tiger in the forest
He's feelin' like a snack
He sees the pigmies comin'
and says "I'll take that one in back . . .
"he's nice and fat" Purple tiger follows the pigmies
as they go dancin' up the path
He tries to snake up on them
But it's a 'sprise attack . . .
"We put him in a sack!" They take him to their party
Where he's an honored guest
They start the kettle brewin'
Guess you can guess the rest . . .
"Now we wear purple vests!"

Purple Tiger