Koda’s Music Sampler

On this page you will find the CD I had made to give to friends and people I meet. It contains the entire Head CD by Psychic Trance Fur, followed by other music I have created. About half the songs are instrumental, most are electronic (some also feature electric guitar) and there are several acoustic songs from The Early Years album released under the Koda name.

This site will soon contain links to all the song lyrics, and I will be giving this CD away with just a small shipping and handling charge.

Here is a list of the songs on the CD: (You can hear all the songs using the players below.)





Head by Psychic Trance Fur (a collaboration with Darren Weight)
01: Head
02: What Is
03: Love Can’t Find Me Here
04: Sea of Dreams
05: Hike Like a Tree
06: Electromagnetic Love
07: Gliding Inside You
08: Coming Home to Earth
09: Chrome Rabbit on Illuminated Chessboard
10: Goodbye to My Friends
11: Wind and Sea
12: Someday (online bonus track not on CD)
Future PTF Album, “Unknown Phenomenon”
13: Barrier at the End of Time
14: Surfing Auroras
15: Simple Mind
The Early Years (acoustic guitar)
16: Out There (featuring Kirsten Arce-Loretta)
17: Just Because
18: Too Many Tears
19: Canyons of Cloud
Also from “Unknown Phenomenon”
20: Infinity
Total Time 1:18

And here is one more track I thought you might enjoy that is NOT on the Sampler CD. (Just for fun, see if you can come up with another way of describing the title. If you can’t figure it out, leave a comment and I will tell you what it is — it’s kind of funny 🙂

Thanks for visiting! 🙂