Psychic Trance Fur

The Head CD by Psychic Trance Fur is spacey, psychedelic synth and guitar stuff done by myself (Koda) and Darren Weight. About half the album is instrumental. It starts out pretty weird but is actually a great album to chill to.

In general, the music by Psychic Trance Fur is “intense but mellow,” a spacey blend of synths and guitars, mostly instrumental but with some songs having sung or spoken lyrics. I often tell people that if they like Pink Floyd they will like Psychic Trance Fur, though the sound is completely different. This album is great driving music! Many of the songs are very different from each other so please sample more than just one song. My favorite tracks are (11) “Wind and Sea” (new age instrumental): (6) “Electromagnetic Love” (features my very best, very subtle guitar work); (5) “Hike Like a Tree” (a popular chill-out song); and (1) “Head” (psychedelic rock).

Psychic Trance Fur first formed in 1991. We created all kinds of different music without regard to genre, and never played live. (We were in it for the music, not the glory.) We believed that if the music was good enough it would sell. Unfortunately, that is only true if people hear it, and since the music is truly original it didn’t fit any radio station formats and we couldn’t get much exposure. In 1998 Darren moved on and I collected our spacey stuff to release the Head CD, later putting the “rock” songs under the Huh? name and the acoustic songs were released under the Koda name. Over the last few years I have been releasing an occasional song under the PTF name and made a few videos. The new PTF material will eventually be released on an album titled Unknown Phenomenon. That title seems appropriate because after all this time the music remains almost completely undiscovered. I like to tell my friends I am still waiting to become the worlds oldest “overnight success” (I was born in 1953). I am sure you can imagine just how much I will appreciate it if you choose to turn your friends on to this music via Spotify or other streaming services. (You might be interested to know that each time a song is streamed from a streaming service the band gets paid less that one tenth of one cent. It’s better than nothing! 🙂

Thank you!


(A music player and song lyrics appear below.)

Koda (left) and Darren Weight: circa 1995
at The Wedge overlook is SE Utah, USA

Song Lyrics

By Koda

It's as if my mind were melting
Through dimensions of paper-thin universes
All wadded up in a ball
Dissolving into pools of radiant color
Rippling inward and outward
At the same time . . . I think.
Oh God! I think!
What god?
What subatomic quantum leap
From nerve to mind
Forms this consciousness inside my head?

And she said something . . . about . . .
Walking along a beach
On an alien planet
And the yellow clouds were so bright
They lit up the green sky
As rain drops the size of plumbs
Into the blood-thick sea.
Slow motion waves caress the black rock
Like the breath
Of Death.


And my head makes me WANT things
Like Money,
and . . . SEX.

Ohhhooohhhh!!! It's ALL in my HEAD!


"Love Can't Find Me Here"
By Koda

I caught myself
Half-way through a sigh
And found myself
In a corner of my mind
Nervously waiting
Behind the walls i keep up all the time

Love can't find me here
Love brings only fear
"Cause love hurts when its gone
These walls were hard to make strong
No, love can't find me here

I lost myself
And half of one was i
Destroyed myself
Now these walls are all I feel inside
These walls were hard to make strong
And I hope i don't have to wait too long
For love,
That can't find me here

Love Can't Find Me Here

"Sea of Dreams"
By Koda

She stands by the riverside
As leaves rain down from the sky
Wishing the seasons
Had all passed her by

She thinks of times as a child
When her spirit was free to run wild
When the leaves on the water
Were ships on a sea of dreams

(little girl's voice)

This one is Peace, and when it sets sail
All the people are happy.
This one is Truth, and it lets everyone be friendly.
And this one is Love, my favorite,
'Cause when peace and truth and love all sail together
Everyone lives happily ever after.

She turns from the riverside
Remembering a far away time
When she watched the old woman
Walk away from the sea of dreams.

Sea of Dreams

"Hike Like a Tree"
By Koda

I was sitting on the couch at the party
Feeling stressed because my life was going nowhere
So I went out back, and layed on the lawn
Underneath a BIG tree.

And the tree seemed so calm
With it's leaves flowing in the cool night air
And I wondered aloud, how it could find such peace
Living it's life in just one place

I talked to the tree, and it talked to me
Silently, with emotion
And it told me how to let the world come to me
How to hike like a tree

So I stretched my limbs
And raised my mind high into the sky
I saw the traffic moving through the city
And the birds flying by
I saw all the people at the party
And the moon swimming through the clouds
And I watched as the turning Earth swept up the stars
As they came spilling out from the sea
For a hundred years or more
I saw towns and people come and go
I let the world come to me
As I hiked like a tree

I was lying on the lawn
When a friend touched my arm
Wondering what had become of me
"Well, for the last hundred years or so," I said,
"I've been hiking like a tree."

Hike Like a Tree

"Electromagnetic Love"
Lyrics by Koda

"Are you ready?"
"For you, always."

What happens in the wire
When we make love on the phone?
Do the electrons going your way
Embrace those coming mine?
And what about all those voices
Moving through the satellite?
How many of them
Are making electromagnetic love?

Electronic devices, vibrating
Lips, stimulating ears.
Wordless breath echoing from your pillow,
Breathless words sighing through the sky.

Electromagnetic waves
Emanating through the universe
Conveying more than words can express.

I wonder if the aliens out there
Monitoring the modulations
Are getting off on electromagnetic love?

Electromagnetic Love