Koda’s Famous Ringtones

After I bought an iPhone I made ringtones from some of my songs. My friends all loved the “Lusty Babe” ringtone and hounded me for copies, so I thought I’d start selling that one on iTunes and the rest is history. (Unfortunately, I am no longer selling these on iTunes, but if you want one just leave a comment and I will get back to you.)

This wildly popular ringtone is sure to bring some smiles. Even if you choose not to use it as your normal ringtone, it’s great to have in your phone as a conversation starter or to entertain your friends. (Vocal performance by Anna, Darren Weight doing bass and drums, yours truly on guitar.)

“Work” Feeling a little frustrated with your job? Is the routine getting you down? Set this ringtone up for your calls from work and you can laugh about the whole thing. Co-workers will also get a kick out of it, but you may not want to use it around your boss 🙂 (Co-written with Darren Weight while in the band “Huh?”)

“Surfing Auroras” A happy, up-beat, interesting mix of spacey electronic sounds and blues/jazz organ that makes you feel good. Have a listen and see if you don’t end up smiling and bobbing your head.

“Barrier at the End of Time” An acoustic guitar echos and reverberates, a synth tone swrills around then a haunting, distorted whistle creates the feeling of being in outer space.

“Electric Rubber Lover” Now that’s a rather suggestive title, don’t you think? A rubbery synth tone pulses then the bass kicks in. It’s a happy, bouncy thing that makes me think of someone having fun.

Three versions of Inter-Cranial Gaseous Emission (Brain Fart)

“Brain Fart 1” A mechanical sounding section of the song.

“Brain Fart 2” Version 2 begins with a truly weird, moving electronic tone, then does some stuff that reminds me of electrons wearing clown costumes squirting through a free energy device, picks up some energy, then fades out.

“Brain Fart 3” Version 3 begins with that same weird electronic tone, but has a pause of silence, does the weird tone again, then grooves along with a rolling baseline and fades out. (It’s my personal favorite of these three.)