Acoustic Songs

Just Because I wrote this one 2 years after I started playing guitar, for my son's mother after she left.
Too Many Tears My first and only attempt to write a country song, which turned out to be one of my best.
Nothin' Special I have fallen in love with two significantly overweight women during my life (which I will never do again because I am too obsessed with beautiful women). This is about being in love in spite of oneself :)
I Want You Here I've done way too much of the long distance relationship stuff. . .
When I Lost You I met a woman in a coffee shop and fell in love, but she was engaged and broke things off with me after a week, before anything really happened. But the event was intense enough to inspire this song. I saw her ten years later. She said she was divorced so I gave her my card, but never heard from her again.
Clear Water (instrumental) This reminds me of water flowing in a clear mountain stream.
Canyons of Cloud (instrumental) I would like to create a music video for this one showing a guy in a hang glider or ultralight airplane flying through canyons of cloud.
Old Forest Path (instrumental) Picture walking through an old forest, and toward the end the winding path opens up on a view of the ocean.
Young Boy and his Dad (instrumental) When my son was very young he used to love riding on my shoulders when we would go into the canyons to picnic with the family. He felt on top of the world then, and so did I.
Scottish Hills (instrumental) A simple little thing. Self explanatory.
Late Autumn I've seen numerous important projects in my life fail miserably, and if it's true that one learns more from failure than success, I must be one of the wisest people on Earth :) "Late Autumn" acknowledges how devastating failure can be, but ends with quiet encouragement to keep ploding on.
Out There (featuring Kirsten Arce-Loretta) This song was inspired by a moment alone standing in the driveway one night, looking up at the moonlit clouds and thinking that the woman I would spend the rest of my life with might be out there somewhere looking up at the Moon at that same moment. The vocals are done by Kirsten Arce-Loretta, with Darren Weight helping with the arrangement.

Click this image to see a video on YouTube of me playing "The Road is My Home" in the Valley of the Gods in southeastern Utah, August, 2006. I look and act rather dorky, but there really were nice colors in the sky that the camera didn't capture. This is perhaps the best acoustic guitar song I've ever written and the video is the only recording of it that exists.

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