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The Early Years is a collection of my acoustic guitar ballads and instrumental demos written between 1975-1998. Almost everyone agrees these are my best songs - at least in terms of melody and lyrics with emotional impact. "Out There" is the best sounding recording so you might want to check that one out.

01 Just Because
02 Too Many Tears
03 Nothin' Special
04 I Want You Here
05 When I Lost You
06 Clear Water
07 Canyons of Cloud
08 Old Forest Path
09 Young Boy and his Dad
10 Scottish Hills
11 Late Autumn
12 Out There (vocals by Kirsten Arce-Loretta

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The Head CD by Psychic Trance Fur is spacey, psychedelic synth and guitar stuff done with Darren Weight. About half the album is instrumental. Starts out weird but is actually a great album to chill to. (A bonus track, "Someday" is included here.)

01 Head
02 What Is
03 Love Can't Find Me Here
04 Sea of Dreams
05 Hike Like a Tree
06 Electromagnetic Love
07 Gliding Inside You
08 Coming Home to Earth
09 Chrome Rabbit on Illuminated Chessboard
10 Goodbye to My Friends
11 Wind and Sea
Bouns Track: Someday

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Darren and I started out calling our 2-person band "Huh?" and I later collected a lot of our weird and silly rock oriented stuff together to create the What the Huh? album. If you like fun, high energy music or stuff that is a little "off the wall" you might like some of this.

01 Odd White Thing
02 Socially Sanctioned Chemical Bliss
03 Work
04 Nervous
05 Angela and Tony
06 Space Junk
07 So Sexy
08 Mystical Cat in the Dryer
09 Purple Tiger
10 Space Plane

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It seems odd in a way, but the music I like to listen to most is some of my instrumental Movie Music. Four of these songs have been turned into ringtones and everytime I hear one I want to listen to the rest of the song.

01 Barrier at the End of Time
02 Surfing Auroras
03 Inter-Cranial Gaseous Emmission (Brain Fart)
04 Ooh
05 Electric Rubber Lover
06 I Feel Free
07 Burn (done with Darren Weight)

Song Lyrics
Lyrics for roughly 30 songs, including some songs which haven't been released yet.

Lusty Babe, Work, Surfing Auroras, Barrier at the End of Time,
Electric Rubber Lover and 3 versions of Brain Fart

(NOTE: Ring tones are no longer available on iTunes.)

In addition to being a musician I am also a serious writer, and dabble in other areas of creative work, including inventing things. (See my Home Page for links to my other work.) One theoretical invention I spent 10 years trying to get financed is Audio Animation. Imagine putting on a pair of headphones and "seeing" animated, 3-dimensional images happening all around you at once - pictures made of sound. (Move your arm in a big circle while continually snapping your fingers and you will hear a circle.) This video describes how to make it work using a computer to process the audio signals, or you can read one of two articles I managed to get published for more detailed info.
Clicking the image to the left will pop up a new page where you can check out a "music video" for "Surfing Auroras," an electronic instrumental track from the Movie Music CD. It is a 39MB file so it takes a minute to load. The visuals were created using the Aeon visualizer plugin. I put this together while learning to use a new video editing program in early 2012, and hope to be making more videos in the future.
Koda's Art
and Music
This video shows an overview of my music in general, providing samples of five songs along with some art work and old music related photos. Being an online video the quality of the art images isn't very good, but you can see better versions in my Art Gallery.
Huh? After Darren moved on to other things I started a new band still using the Huh? name. Greg Blackett played bass and Crilll (yep, three L's) played drums, while I played guitar and did the vocals. We practiced once a week for three years in order to learn enough original songs to begin playing live. Just as we were about ready in the fall of 2009, someone stole all the guitar gear from the studio I was building in the barn where I lived. That killed the band and the resulting hardships were devastating for all of us. This video of "Another Night Without You" was shot not long after the band formed.
Acoustic I hit the road alone in my van for 2 1/2 weeks in late summer 2006, and the image will take you to a video of me sitting on a lounge chair playing "The Road is My Home" on an acoustic guitar in the Valley of the Gods in southeastern Utah. I sound rather silly at the end of the video where talk about how beautiful the clouds are when the camera didn't pick up the colors much at all. Even though I was there alone I truly enjoyed that experience. I have yet to make a commercial recording of this song, which is one of my best.