Astro-Dating is my dating site that allows you to search by real astrological compatibility, not just Sun Sign stuff. Real astrological compatibility is primarily determined by analyzing the angles between where the planets were when you were born to where they were when someone else was born. When these individual angles (aspects) are significant to compatibility a Score is generated, along with a written interpretation describing how the planetary relationship affects a particular area of compatibility. All of the individual interpretations can be viewed and/or printed as an 8-12 page compatibility report. No other dating site provides such detailed compatibility information.

The site features one of my inventions, the Astro-Grid, which displays the planetary relationships in a checkerboard-like grid. Your planetary positions are displayed in a column on the left and the other person’s planets are shown in a row across the top. Locate the grid square where any two planets intersect and you can see the angle between them. When the angle (aspect) is significant to compatibility, a score is displayed. Click on the score and an interpretation for that aspect is displayed. Click the “view/print report” button near the top of the grid and you will see the full compatibility report.

I have been developing the Astro-Dating site since 1995 and it still isn’t quite finished, but it should be up and running in September 2019. When it launches the first 1,000 people to sign up will receive a full year of premium access for free.

I also created a page where you can compare your astrological compatibility with lots of famous celebrities just for kicks.



There will also be a sister site,, which will allow you to print compatibility reports for any two people you know. (Premium Astro-Dating members will have 30 days of free access to when they sign up.)

Be sure to check this page in September to learn when the sites have launched.