Koda's Theoretical Inventions, etc.

Audio Animation
Animated, three-dimensional "pictures" or sound shapes you "see with your ears." Originally published in MIX, June,1984, then again in Soundscapes, September 2000.

"Aniti-Gravity" (Inertial Propulsion)
Using centrifugal force to propell a vehicle through space.

Water as Fuel
My theoretical design for a device which uses both electricity and ultrasonic vibration to to separate the hydrogen and oxygen in water to fuel an internal combustion engine. Contains links to videos of cars using water as fuel and other "free energy" devices.

"Floating" Building
How to support a diamond-shaped building which appears to almost float above the ground.

3-D TV
Using lasers at half the frequency of visible light to project 3-dimensional television and video game images in empty space.

Theoretical Stuff:
Why Dark Matter and Dark Energy May Not Exist
As vast clouds of dust and gas collapse to form rotating galaxies, it is possible that gravitational interactions could cause space-time to rotate, producing the same observations currently attributed to Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

Magnet Motor: My info on how to build a magnet motor invented by others.