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Desert Photos Aug. 2006

The first image that appears in this slide show, with the cliff peaks lit by the sun, was taken near Hondoo Arch at the end of a one way, 40-mile-long dirt road. The shot with me in it, and the one where the background looks similar, were both taken near the Goosenecks of the San Juan. The rest were taken in the Valley of the Gods in southeastern Utah. The guy with the tan is Wandering Roger, from South Africa, who beat me at chess five games in a row on that chessboard shown here. He's been "on vacation" for over 3 years in that large trailer, while I managed to get by in the yellow van. The camera can't capture the colors which change constantly throughout the day, the warm air, the amazing silence or awesome stars. My soul lives in red rock country -- at least when it's warm there :)